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Getting started with a flash template

How to make flash header links link to html pages

How to insert text in a flash movie

How to create a mail link in flash

How to exchange images in flash

How to insert background music in flash

How to insert a new image in flash

How to insert a sound effect in flash

How to create a new link in flash

How to create a scrollbar in flash

Questions and answers

Q: Can I use different languages in your flash templates?
A: Yes but you can check this page for further details: http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/languages/flashlocalization/

Q: How can I create dynamic text box in Flash?
A: This is a good tutorial that illustrates the method: http://www.visualxtreme.com/flash_tut1.html

Q: Can I link my Flash template to a database to display content?
A: Yes. Flash has a built in XML parser so that you can transfer data from your

Q: Is it possible to run a video clip in your templates?
A: Yes. You may import the video clip (.RM file, .AVI file, etc.) to a movie clip and then you can drag it anywhere in the Flash MX 2004. (note that video streaming is not supported by Flash MX or older versions)

Q: How to add a Skip Intro button?
A: First you should start by identifying the place on the Timeline that you wish to “goto” when a user presses the Skip Intro button. Then add a button somewhere on the stage. Then, select the new button and open the Actions panel. After that, add a gotoAndPlay() function call within the on(release) button event. Pass the frame number (or scene) you would like the movie to jump to. Alternatively, check out this URL: http://www.gmg.com.au/assets/tutorials/flash-mx-skip-intro/index.html

Q: How come I can’t edit some of the text in the templates even after I locate them?
A: Some of the layers are locked and therefore you need to unlock it but clicking on the “lock” button on the timeline of flash. See: unlock.jpg

Q: Can I display the template in full screen?
A: Yes. By adjusting the Publish setting, you can change the size of the movie to your needs.

Q: How do I create a photo gallery in Flash?
A: This is a good one if you want to try it for yourself: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/photogallery.htm

Q: I want to use specials characters use éèà in Flash, what do I need to know?
A: This may help: http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/url_encoding.htm

Other useful flash editing sites


W3Schools, Introduction to Flash

Beginners Tutorials from LIONBICHSTUDIOS

Creating a Button
"Does exactly what it says on the tin!" Easy steps in creating a button for your website.

Button Rollovers

Simple actions attached to the buttons that look ultra-cool!

Hover Captions
Add a bit of interactivity to your buttons

Motion Blur

Create an effect of movement using Photoshops motion bur effect


A nifty little trick that uses a masking technique

Using Masks

This tutorial will introduce you to masking objects and animations.

Hiding the Cursor

This simple exercise will show you how to hide the cursor from the screen

Fading Text

If you're new to flash, then here's a simple way of fading your text in and out of view.

Creating cool looking vector graphics

You can create really great looking graphics with Flash MX

Simple Interaction

Create a simple interactive Movie

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